pondelok 31. decembra 2012

My 2012 biggest successes

For the last day of this year, which was so far the best, I thought about an article dedictated to my successes in 2012 so, after year or more, it will remind me of them. And I´ll be proud and see how I improve or degrade. 
   And why was this year the best so far? First things first, I spent all the year with my beloved ones. My family, greatest friends, with paint brushes and color pencils, with Alphonse Mucha on my wall  and one big dinosaur in a corner of my room. I´ve survived dentist, apocalypse, 2 halfs of school years, amounts of periods, intrigues of my classmates, family, politicians and public pressure to meet standards of this society. For more reasons keep reading.

In this year I finally found out how beautiful theatre plays are. At the beggining of the year I came to watch one of the best Slovak plays and the best I´ve seen - Stalin v Žiline (Stalin in Žilina). It was monodrama about life story of one of the finest writers from Žilina - Ľubomír Feldek (*1936). In main role there was Marián Gaišberg and his fascinating voice. This drama totaly changed the way I look at the theatre. About month ago I saw 7 dní do pohrebu (7 days till the funeral) with great actress Jana Ohľová. This showed me that theatre also can be very modern and new.

Just great time with great people. Hours of practicing dance. Choosing the best costumes. Raising money. Advertising. Few hassels. And great night! Galaprogram in a style of Millionaire and DISCO! And then tidying. Nah. There were so many troubles during preparing everything but we did it! We did it together and I think we are even closer to each other now. Thank you guys :)

This year summer holiday I visited my sister in Bratislava, the capital city. How lucky I was, when I noticed advertisement on my train ticket. I just had to see it. So I went to the Slovak National Gallery and I saw something incredible. Colossal exhibition of the art of socialistic realism 1948 - 1956 - Prerušená pieseň (Interrupted song). There was the best of the work of such a talented artists like Martin Benka, Ľudovít Fulla and many others not only from the time of realism but art moderna as well. Thank you, dear sister, I will never forget it.

Well, who would say that I´ll win honorable mention on Biennial in Martin with this strange picture on the left? Actually, it´s just a picture of my crossed fingers :P But I´m not complaining, I´m happy and honoured. Thank you, thank you...I didn´t deserve it. Oh, thank you... And there are some other things I made this year and I´m proud of them.
Aaaand, I can´t forget to show you off my BIG in every word meaning project - I painted McQueen on the wall for my cousin´s son Samuel. And I can assure you, it wasn´t easy at all paint such a large picture and moreover with acrilic paint.


So I saw: Beautiful Soul, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Creation, Great Dictator, Habemus Papam, Hodinu Nevíš, Dracula (1992), Modern Times, Nosferatu, Obchod na Korze, Dark Shadows, Vesničko Má Středisková, Rabaka, The Artist, Anna Karenina (2012), Tanec Medzi Črepinami, Perfect Sense... These are those best I think

I started to watch: Once Upon a Time, Rome

I had an honour to fall in love with these ones: Galdiator, Bathory, Black Swan, Cracks, Dark Shadows CD1+CD2, Elisabeth: The Virgin Queen, Game of Thrones, Mask, Perfect Sense, Tanec Medzi Črepinami, Skyfall, Tisícročná Včela, Anna Karenina (2012)...


And it´s the last year yet, so why not to call it THE BEST? :) There´ll be no more years like this, I won´t celebrate my 15 in school playing games and "Chladnozem" again and I´ll definitely never order a "Slovac hot chocolate in CaféKupé nor Canadian one in tea house Víla. I will never climb a tree and sing Edith Piaf with invisible guitar on Žužlla´s birthday party again. It seems that professor Tanitó (modeled by "chlap") won´t be our class teacher anymore ( :( ), as well as my previous french teacher won´t teach me french anymore ( :D ). Two of my classmates left to another schools, but I don´t mourn because I believe they´re on a better place now ...well, that sounds like they died...
   I think it´s enough reasons already. I have nothing else so write. Thank you for reading,

have a great New Years Eve and I whish you everything the best to the year 2013!
Good luck to everyone!

nedeľa 30. decembra 2012

That lazy b*tch Winter

Nah, so sleeeeeeepy weather...

   Ahhh, holidays! :) How incredibly happy am I to just sleep until the lunch time, watch films in TV, pet my guinea pig, read books and think of no trouble. But still, this holidays aren´t what they should be. There´s no snow, just an ice on the roads, there are too many films in TV that I can´t watch those I want because they run in the same time and I still don´t have presents for my friends. I need an inspiration! I have so plenty of  free time, an honestly, I should be punished for not using it properly, but this is just the time which I absolutely hate - "art silence". I may kill myself, but my soul is lazy now. 
   I can´t go out. It´s so cold there outside. So I have to stay at home and complain that I don´t enjoy holidays. Fine. I can do that, but i don´t want to be angry. I want to happy! I want to feel rested, relaxed, just satisfied.
   In case of abide this request of mine, I just take another christmas wafer, put a honey on it and enjoy the soft symphony in my mouth...

Good luck and Happy holidays to everyone!

New look :)

   Hi guys. I´m staying up so long tonight just to make the new look ,you´re looking at now, the best. Maybe it can´t be seen but I spent hours doing it as best as I could. I´m tired and hungry but happy and... wait, what is this strange feeling? Is it...it can´t be...PRIDE? Oh yes, I´m proud of myself because I think it really looks good! :) Now this is a blog that´s worthy of my articles!
   I think it looks very calm, more positive that the one I used to have, the smart and elegant but I would say quite conservative, this one is also elegant but much modern in this way and much warmer. I love those birds flying off the screen, I see it as a symbol of better perspective in the future. And this is what I need so desperately...I fear the future because there is nothing good waiting us there.
   I´ve also made some other big changes. As you may noticed, I´ve removed sections of people and movies that inspire me from the left panel. It looked absolutely horrible... And I added a new section right below the name of the blog. Here, you´ll be able to find even more about films I saw, about people who inspire me and who I found interesting and of course there is page for all my DIYs so you don´t have to search for them through all the articles. I meant the tags for that at the beginning but never mind... I wonder about soundtracks section or at least one for Kingdom of Heaven complete soundtrack updates from my YouTube channel. We´ll see. Now I need to finish things I mentioned above and then 

"in time, who knows what can happen" 

Isabelle of France (Braveheart)

pondelok 12. novembra 2012

KOH complete soundtrack: 19. Leprosy (Alterante)

Oh, hi. Today, I´m very exited  you don´t even know how much  to update on YouTube and post here this wonderful track from Kingdom of Heaven (KOH) complete soundtrack. As I promised, I´m going to post on my blog every new upload from my channel, every Monday, so. There it is! :)

Today it fits on the 19th track Leprosy. Just one word. B e a u t i f u l. This one belongs to those "special" special for me  which includes, for example My Lord or Light of Life. Very fragile, soft, tender, just lovely :)
It was used in official version in scene where Balian and Sibylla were making love and in Direction´s Cut version (the longer one).

There you have it, the deleted scene (as all scenes with Sibylla´s son were cutted off from official version) and please notice the lovely scene with a king doll at 01:05

Other tracks are going to be uploaded soon. Good luck guys :)

streda 7. novembra 2012

Jubilee: 20 years of Alexander Dubček

Hello. Just a quick article about today´s jubilee. Today it´s 20 years after tragic death of the best slovak politician, leader but mostly the human


"Nezahynie národ, ktorý sa riadi tak svojím rozumom ako aj svedomím."

pondelok 5. novembra 2012

Old dog, new tricks

GOD, I´ve got nearly 5000 views and that makes me think about this empty nothingness here. Oh, yes, I knew it will end up like this. I was telling myself "nooo, that´s not gonna happend, not to you, not again" and you see. I see. False hope, I will never make myself do something I don´t really want to. To be honest, it doesn´t bother me, but I started to miss this hours of writting reflexions by finding a depth of myself and remembering nice moments of my life, so they can make me happy again.

The problem ,yes, there´s always a problem, why would I write here those foolish sentences, if there wasn´t a problem?, is writing in English. I know, it was my decision, I´m just complaining. Another proof that I´m a human. Of course, it helps me to improve my English. I always feel more confident to talk about my emotions when I practice it before. And, I´m sure, it´s not only me, who finds it very artistic and poetic, to write in foreign language. Really poetic... But there is this sick problem. Finally It´s so cold. I feel so cold when I write and then when I read what I´ve written. In school, now, we learn how to write not by our mind but by our soul. If I like it? Yes. Anyway, the teacher is a bitch. That´s what a needed. Find the way how to express myself, emotions, opinions. With every new lesson, I find out, how beautiful the Slovak language really is. It´s playfull, colorful, supercharge... And English? As I know, that it´s my fault, that I see English like this, coz I´m not skilled in the art of this language, so I will call it "my English". My English is so black and white, it´s so difficult for me to find those right words, right phrases. I love to write in English , yes, yes, my english, as I said, it makes me feel so inteligent, so it seems to me, that I´ll write in both languages. I don´t see it as a barrier, the most of my readers are Slovaks, ahoj to you all, and we´ll see how it spits out. 

Another thing I want to change is design. It´s really time to change it. I hate this dark black and grey background. I meant it to be elegant and smart, but I hate it now :) I´ll see what I can do with it. If there is something I can do with it...

And the last but not least my plans: 
Soundtracks! The most beautiful tracks from my favourite movie/series soundtracks
YouTube channel! Every Monday (hopefuly) new track from Complete Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack uploaded on my YouTube channel.

Fuh, so that´s all for now. See ya in the next artecle :)

streda 21. marca 2012

DIY: Dots don´t have to end the unfinished sentence only...

Well, 5.3. 2012 was date of another birthday party of my friend. Specifically, the birthday of my classmate Emma. There were everything what´s needed to have a hilarious party - little bit of eat, something to drink but extremly important is to be together on some place where we can lay our feet down :)
And what it would look like, if I came here with empty hands? So the present I gave her is this:

If you want to know how to do this, or if you want to do something what´s similar than continue reading, I tried to describe the process as best as I could.

You will need:
  • fashion fabric (try not to use stretch fabric)
  • nice big button (as an eye)
  • needle
  • sewing machine (if you have this possibility)
  • thread in whatever color you want (it won´t be seen), another in color of fashion fabric and finally in color of the button
  • pins
  • scissors
  • padding (I used cotton wool, which can be bought in every store)
  • nice music to listen, enough time and patience
To be honest, this is very easy project, the only tedious thing is stuffing :) But I don´t want to discourage you, so let´s start!

For the first, make a model of what you will sew. I had the idea of hedgehog (oh my dog, who invented this word? :) in my head for week, so I couldn´t say no to myself and I decided to make it. Well, I made a very simply model from paper, laid on the back site of two layers of the fashion fabric (right sides together), pinned it to keep it in place and drew a line round the edges.

Then I cut it out. Of course, I cut about 1cm from the drawn edge. After this process, I took the paper model away and pinned this two layers together again. Right sides together!

Yet, before I started to sew, I marked where I won´t sew. You need this keep unstitched because this is the place where you going to flip everything inside out through. I also used back stitch at the edges to secure it.

To stitch everything together you can use whatever thread you want, like I said, it won´t be seen.

After sewing, I turned everything inside out and I put black thread on the needle. Our hedgehog deserves to have an eye, although only one, but it does! :) So I sewed it on.

After all this processes, I started with stuffing. One advice from me: fill the horns for the first. They should be round like cone. Until you´ll be absolutely sure they are full of padding, then continue with filling the body.

After this steps (the longest) I needed to close the hole, which stayed unstitched (which I stuffed trough). I tried to do a little help for you. You just take the edges of the fabrick, fold them inside and stitch everything together.
                                                          ↑                                         ↑
                                     1. prepare your fabric                         3. stitch it
                                                                2. pin it to keep it in place

After this proces, I got this. :) As you can see, it needs something... ehm.. something... it´s too dry, it needs some juice :)


So I added this yelow ribbon ... et voilá :)

Well I know that it doesn´t look professionaly but it´s my work, and you know, when you try seriously, when you work hard, when you spend a time and when you gave it "little bit of you", then it is real valuable think :) I know, I still need to learn much, but with every needle play I try, I´m getting better (hope so) and with every bleeding I have from prick my finger, I´m getting stronger, more resistant, because when you learn how to fall, you´ll win against your destiny.

štvrtok 8. marca 2012

What 2012 brings (I/II)

This year 2012 brought, brings and will bring many new movies. And new seasons of well known TV series. I really couldn´t wait this year to come also because I needed to start again. With many things. I need a new view on things happening around me. Well, I thought it would help me, but it seems, I will have to fight myself (again! :D) and I have to change the place from which I´m observing things, a common move with my head won´t help me. I feel that things are not going well and I´m getting more sorrows than joys. I´m making  bad decisions. Maybe I need  some new people, open my eyes widely, see humans with less prejudices. It will be hard, I´m sure but I want it! I want fight, I don´t know why, I feel so strong, it sudden came and I feel like warrior with sword but without shield reliant on myself. I have a horse, too, but I forgot that it also has its own personality, that it also needs freedom. I didn´t behave to it good, so it´s running away from me. I feel I´m loosing its commitment. I have to leave the door open for it, but also for me of course. I believe that when I loose something I must find new one. 
I´m wondering what is better, to have just sword or just shield. To be an attacker or defender. I have to conquer new lands but I have to defend my old ones. And how, without shield? Without anything what can I hide behind. I must change the tactic, I must show myself all. It will be fighting against myself but I must win this battle. I have so much courage and I know there are some people who would stand in line with me in the worse moment. I´M BOHEMIAN. I enjoy everything and I´LL ENJOY THIS BATTLE, TOO!!


Spartacus: Venegeance
I really couldn´t wait for new season after watching Gods of the Arena. I already saw the 6th episode and I still know mine - Gods of the Arena was better than 1st or this season, but it´s still worthy of watching. As I mentioned, article before, I love brutal realistic truth. You know, sometimes there are some mistakes, but the knowledge, that Spartacus will be defeated at the end always makes that evil laughting in my mind :D And since Lucretia is alive, with her mystic position, I will watch it to the bitter end. But I really miss Batiatus. They two were my favourite characters.

One site of conflict - Spartacus with the other slaves
Mira, Crixus, Onomeas, Naevea and new characters: Nasir, Agron, ...

The second site - ROME
Galber, Ilithia, Ashur, Lucretia and new arrivals: Seppia, Seppius and all Rome oc


Perfect Sense
How long I waited for this movie!  Well, I waited for it since I first heard about its shooting.  So it was about one year, maybe more. Nevermind, I had the honor to see it in cinema, but I already saw it 3 or 2 days before :) It´s so strong movie, with Eva Green (:) and with Ewan McGregor, who is man, who really makes you cry. It´s drama, where two people find senses of love while they´re, and all world, loosing the senses. I was crying, what doesn´t happen to me usually but it isn´t apocalyptic movie, it says "without love, there´s nothing".


The Iron Lady
For the truth, this is another movie which I´d like to see only because of the actress in main role - Maryl Streep, who is absolutly stunning in every her movie I saw. I will never forget for movie Death Becomes Her, which as a child, I loved to watch :) And I love it for today. I´m pretty exited to see something from British modern history. I also like to watch stories of strong women in the world of men. I know the movie is already out, but I would like to enjoy the view from cinema seat, and Iron Lady will be in our theatres in March, so I have to wait. Because I´m stubborn...


Game of Thrones:  War is coming
Wooo!! :D I really can´t wait this season to start! The first killed me, cast, background, costumes, design of sets and story :) Of course, I will miss Sean Bean, but just for his rumped face. Who I really love is Peter Dinklage´s Tyrion Lannister. I´m so happy, that he finally got some serious role in serious project, even the best! I feel something beautiful from his personality. And I can´t forget for new characters, especially Melisandre by Carice van Houten. I saw her in Black Death  and she has the sorcery spirit in her. And I want to see new nations (jellyfish, bear, deer).


Dark Shadows
New Depp´s and Burton´s movie. It´s remake of soup opera series from 1966-1971 with vampires and witches and crazy Helena Bonham Carter. I personally don´t give big chances to this movie. I like Burton, I consider Johnny as real actor and I can´t say no to Helena, but the only thing, which I will spend money for, is Eva Green. :) She plays Angelique Bouchard. Johnny plays her lover, but as playboy of 18th century, he leaves her and she makes a vampire from him. Then he wakes up in 1970´s, finding his new family in modern world.....but Angelique will catch him! Now I´m imagining an evil laugh again MUHAHAHAA! :D

Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Mortez, Gulliver McCrath, Balla Heathcote, Johnny Depp, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Michelle Pfeiffer


Yes! I waited for more than 2 years for another Ridley´s epic movie, and you see, justly. I´m not big fan of sci-fi, but you know, Ridley Scott is Ridley Scott and when I heard that this will be something connected with Alien, I became very very excited. There are Noomi Rapace , Michal Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Patric Wilson in main cast. But I want to see Guy Pearce the most. I saw him in King´s Speech for the first time. Nice guy. Well the story is about explores who discover a key to the mankind origin, but more important will be to save it.

streda 29. februára 2012

One page of good book teaches more than hundred prints of common bestsellers

As-Salaamu Alaykum :) Today´s article is about books. But not about common books, but about books which I love and want to read again :D But the biggest problem is....school takes all my time and when I have little bit of free time, I´m always so tired so I can´t read a page of book or write here any short article. I say this all my life: The school will kill me once!

So, I chose 4 books, which I´m into right now :D Warning: These books aren´t for everyone! 
I hate long books, romantic novels, neverending adventures with more sci-fi than realistic story. I belong to the community of consuming readers, who want to feel emotions. I want book to get in my head after reading of 3 first pages. If it doesn´t I wouldn´t continue in reading. I need to feel hunger for the book, only then I know, that the book is good. When it is in my mind and I can´t stop think about it. In a time of school exam, in a bus or when I want to sleep but I´m not allowed to because I think about it and I can´t shake it off from my head. You know, when the music is playing in your head while reading, when you feel the warm of fireplace, coldness of every single snowflake falling on your face. When your body is shaking and you fight yourself not to cry because of the brutal realistic truth.

Yes, this is what I need the most in the stories. Brutal Realistic Truth. That´s exactly what has to be in the story to make me believe in it. And that is exactly why I love to read nonfiction. Last 2 years I read only this. I was completely into history of Crusides (it doesn´t mean that I´m not now) and I have read everything I found in our big town library. It´s really big but still not big enough for me :) I still miss books written by Bernard Hemilton - "Women in the Crusader States" and "The Leper King and his Heirs". I found something on Google books but you know, it´s totaly different, when you can hold the book in your arms and read it even if you don´t have internet with you.

So realistic truth + history + emotions + story  = Biography :) I really love to read biographies of some, for me, "big people". I love to see their path of life, path to fame and their end. It always learn me something :) 

Jozef Kroner: Neobyčajný Testament (2009)
Unusual Testament
 Collection of short stories written by slovak, my favourite Slovak actor (and I would say the best Slovak actor). There are sketches, short tales and humoresques all inspired by his own life. The stories are very simple, whitch make them beautiful. First story has name Testament and shows Jozef´s sudden death. The story is about his meeting with parents and all his dead sibs. Kroner maybe didn´t even know how emotionally he wrote it. I saw every his feeling, his esteem to his father and his respect to his mother. His love to all his family, how much he misses them but also how much he loves to live. 

Francesco Gabrieli: Storici arabi delle Crociate (2010)
Crusades in the eyes of Arabic chroniclers
This book I bought to myself for Christmas. As I warned before, I´m absolutely into Crusades, not only as historic period, political conflict but also as cultural revolution. I hate when someone is looking at it only from one sight. If anyone wants to have great statements, he must read the second page of this brutal 200 years lasting part of history. So, this is selection of record written by Arabic chroniclers.
Jozef Banáš: Zastavte Dubčeka! (2009)
Stop Dubček!
The title of this book lies. It´s biography of the best Slovak politician - Alexander Dubček. Subtitle reveals the title : "Story of men, who  hindered  the powerful."  I really liked this book, it´s quite gross  book, I spent so long time with it but I don´t regret a minute. I knew much about his political career but this book shows him also as common person, very modest and honest. From his childhood, fight in Slovak National Uprising, Prague Spring, until his death, his life really wasn´t easy.
Simone Berteaut: Piaf  (1969)
Edith Piaf
For quality of this book, I write, what Simone wrote on the beginning : "For you, Edith, I wrote this book truly, without colorable to be heard your smile and cry." And she did it :D Edith´s life is like melodrama. But when I was reading it, I found that life of Simone was maybe harder because she had to go through everything what Edith experienced and she also had her own problems. And I falled in love with her character in Edith´s lifeplay.

nedeľa 12. februára 2012

Costumes: Camelot

In this article, I´m gonna talk about my obsession - fashion. But not about this "fashion", which I´m not interested in as much as the ´maybe once´ student od fashion design may be. I don´t like the fact that designers of this times make clothes not for wearing but just for watching. Hand on heart, when you look on outfits from some people, you can be shocked because you know that the only one who would ever wear it are the models. That´s the other reason, why I want to come into the world of fashion, to make clothes able to be worn :D But my biggest dream is to design costumes for movies, Especially historic movies from Middle Ages. 

Camelot is TV serie from television Starz, which is also owner of Spartacus (Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, Vengeance) or the Golden Globe winning drama series Boss. As you may guess, the show is about legendary King Arthur, his evil sister Morgan and sorcerer Merlin. But the story is about what was happening behind the myth. Before Arthur became that big king. It´s not the best show I´ve ever seen, neither the second best one...even the third, but I watched it, I had to watch because of Eva Green who plays Morgan here and I must say (whole world will agree) she was the BEST Morgan ever! I saw performings of this character in  other movies and shows (some of them I´m not very proud of, but only the risk could proof it, however, I was sure of it before the shooting itself :)

Except Eva Green, there are another two reason why I liked to watch Camelot. The first is soundtrack made by brothers Jeff and Mychael Danna, which was nominated for Emmy Awards and the second are COSTUMES, finally :D The author is Joan Bergin. Here you are, watch her opinions in video below.

And now, my opinion! :D The costumes are stunning. I can´t present you each costume because I don´t have HD pics of all of them :/ So for today, I chose the most beautiful outfit of whole show :D Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Morgan´s coronation dress...

Morgan wore it in 10 episode "Reckoning" for her coronation as Queen of Britains.......but in that moment Arthur suddenly came and destroyed everything. Silly boy...he always destroyed more than he saved. But back to the dress. I absolutely love the dark brown color and with the cut of this dress, it makes it very elegant. Also note the fancywork on her chest. God, like a flame of passion on her breast...

My favourite and striking part of dress are sleeves :D Soft black lace stitches by silver thread. I was observing her hands while whole watching of  the scenes where she wore it :)

However, she didn´t wear the dress alone. She had coat, too. This long glaring coat with large wide sleeves, which contrast to narrower sleeves of the dress and that gives it the medieval aroma. Just like the hem on the edges. Also look at the brilliant embroidery which gives a shine to the outfit. The coat is opened in front and as you can see it´s bound at her back.

This costume is really worthy of Queen, I think. Only sad think is, that she didn´t become the Queen. I understand, they couldn´t make her a ruler because of the legend, but she would be great. Great leader, not a warlord. Now, I´m wondering who should I choose for next look into costume. It won´t be Morgan, I want someone else, maybe some man, we will see. :) But since Morgan is the  best character from Camelot cast, you can be sure, that this isn´t the last time you meet her in this blog :)