pondelok 12. novembra 2012

KOH complete soundtrack: 19. Leprosy (Alterante)

Oh, hi. Today, I´m very exited  you don´t even know how much  to update on YouTube and post here this wonderful track from Kingdom of Heaven (KOH) complete soundtrack. As I promised, I´m going to post on my blog every new upload from my channel, every Monday, so. There it is! :)

Today it fits on the 19th track Leprosy. Just one word. B e a u t i f u l. This one belongs to those "special" special for me  which includes, for example My Lord or Light of Life. Very fragile, soft, tender, just lovely :)
It was used in official version in scene where Balian and Sibylla were making love and in Direction´s Cut version (the longer one).

There you have it, the deleted scene (as all scenes with Sibylla´s son were cutted off from official version) and please notice the lovely scene with a king doll at 01:05

Other tracks are going to be uploaded soon. Good luck guys :)

streda 7. novembra 2012

Jubilee: 20 years of Alexander Dubček

Hello. Just a quick article about today´s jubilee. Today it´s 20 years after tragic death of the best slovak politician, leader but mostly the human


"Nezahynie národ, ktorý sa riadi tak svojím rozumom ako aj svedomím."

pondelok 5. novembra 2012

Old dog, new tricks

GOD, I´ve got nearly 5000 views and that makes me think about this empty nothingness here. Oh, yes, I knew it will end up like this. I was telling myself "nooo, that´s not gonna happend, not to you, not again" and you see. I see. False hope, I will never make myself do something I don´t really want to. To be honest, it doesn´t bother me, but I started to miss this hours of writting reflexions by finding a depth of myself and remembering nice moments of my life, so they can make me happy again.

The problem ,yes, there´s always a problem, why would I write here those foolish sentences, if there wasn´t a problem?, is writing in English. I know, it was my decision, I´m just complaining. Another proof that I´m a human. Of course, it helps me to improve my English. I always feel more confident to talk about my emotions when I practice it before. And, I´m sure, it´s not only me, who finds it very artistic and poetic, to write in foreign language. Really poetic... But there is this sick problem. Finally It´s so cold. I feel so cold when I write and then when I read what I´ve written. In school, now, we learn how to write not by our mind but by our soul. If I like it? Yes. Anyway, the teacher is a bitch. That´s what a needed. Find the way how to express myself, emotions, opinions. With every new lesson, I find out, how beautiful the Slovak language really is. It´s playfull, colorful, supercharge... And English? As I know, that it´s my fault, that I see English like this, coz I´m not skilled in the art of this language, so I will call it "my English". My English is so black and white, it´s so difficult for me to find those right words, right phrases. I love to write in English , yes, yes, my english, as I said, it makes me feel so inteligent, so it seems to me, that I´ll write in both languages. I don´t see it as a barrier, the most of my readers are Slovaks, ahoj to you all, and we´ll see how it spits out. 

Another thing I want to change is design. It´s really time to change it. I hate this dark black and grey background. I meant it to be elegant and smart, but I hate it now :) I´ll see what I can do with it. If there is something I can do with it...

And the last but not least my plans: 
Soundtracks! The most beautiful tracks from my favourite movie/series soundtracks
YouTube channel! Every Monday (hopefuly) new track from Complete Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack uploaded on my YouTube channel.

Fuh, so that´s all for now. See ya in the next artecle :)