There is my list of people I admire and I think, they deserve to be famos, or at least known for all of us :)

Dr. Jan Vilcek

Slovak scientist, discoved a medicine to tread arthritis

Ján Vilček was born 17. June 1933 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia). As a child he experienced World war II., Slovak National Uprising and two years until the end of a war in a house of a very brave Slovak couple hidden with ... 

Juraj Janosik

Slovak traditional national hero, highway man

"Slovak Robin Hood"

Juro Jánošík, how we Slovaks call him famillary, is one of the most significant icons of Slovak culture. He is one of the few characters in Slovak history, who is still rembered and very popular. I can say myslef, as a native, that every child knows ...

Adam Frantisek Kollar

Slovak intellectual and scholary of global importance, advisor of Maria Theresa

"Slovak Socrates"

Adam František Kollár was born 17. April 1718 in Terchová. He is quite lucky to belong to those slovak historical characters, about who children are still learning in school and so he is still remembered. If you have a chance to see some wrintings ...

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