streda 30. novembra 2011

When I play with camera....

Sometimes, I´m taking photos, just because I´m bored. Taking photos is not my favourite activity, I prefer observing objects live, but, you know, there are times, when I must play with camera. And there, in my life, are so many things worth to have a photo.

Free school lesson, long time of waiting for bus or boring visits in house of family friends. Every time is the best time for some photos.

But what I love the most, is editing photos. Cutting, sticking, and then changing the colors and contrast, adding effects... change the soul of the photography...

nedeľa 27. novembra 2011

R.I.P. Alexander Dubček

In this year, there isn´t better time to devote article to one GREAT person, equitable politician, but mainly the good - natured and modesty Human. 

Alexander Dubček
* 27. november 1921 Uhrovec, Czechoslovakia (Slovakia)
 07. november 1992 Prague, Czechoslovakia (Czech republic)

Today, he would be 90 years old. The icon of revolution and The Prague Spring. The man who gave hope to Czechoslovak nations. 

Thank you Alexander, sleep in peace.

piatok 25. novembra 2011

Arabic Culture: Bittersweet by Rumi

if you don't have enough madness in you
go and rehabilitate yourself...

if you've lost a hundred times the chess game of this life
be prepared to lose one more...

Have you ever read something, which gave a new dimension to your life? Some book, or poem? I ´m not some great fan of literature, but there is someone who made me watch the poems in different way - Maestro Rumi.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī
1207 - 1273 A.D.
better known as Rumi, was a Persian poet and also a founder of sufism
and my favourite poet in the world!

I swear, I will give time for sufism, because, it is one very interesting part of arabic culture :D
Well, everyone has some favourites which are made by their favourite author and this is mine - Bittersweet

Bittersweet by Rumi

In my hallucination
I saw my Beloved´s flower garden
In my vertigo
In my dizziness
In my drunken haze
Whirling and dancig like a spinning wheel

I saw myslef as the Source of Existence
I was there in the beginning
And I was the spirit of love
now, I am sober
There is only the hangover
And a memory of love
And only the sorrow

I yearn for happiness
I ask for help
I want mercy

And my love says:
"Look at me and hear me,
because I am here, just for that."

I am your moon and your moonlight, too
I am your flower garden and your water, too
I have come all this way, eager for you
Without shoes or shawl

I want you to laugh
To kill all your worries
To love you
To nourish you

Oh sweet bitterness

I will soothe you and heal you
I will bring you roses

I, too have been covered with thorns ....

And, like a lightning from the clear heaven, I found this fan video :D Connection of Kingdom of Heaven and Rumi´s poem!!!! I´ve never seen better fanvideo than this! Enjoy....

It is voice of Madonna, she has sung this one poem of Rumi for CD with Rumi´s poems :D
I must say, the clips from movie, music, and poet made me cry for the first time I saw it...and then second time....and third.... :P Kingdom of Heaven is something very very special, very mystic, very emotional for me. I´m fanatic and I don´t have enought strenght to fight it. 

piatok 11. novembra 2011

Movie: Kingdom of Heaven (I.)

So....this amazing date 11.11.2011 needs something special for this blog :D I said amazing, because my favourite number is 1, not because i belive in thet mysteries with numbers, dates.....I don´t really understand it :P But I must say, it was funny to celebrate day such as this :D In the middle of lesson, exactly at 11:11, mobiles in our classe started to ring! We were laughting and teacher was just wacthing us with obtuse face :) Biology......lesson full of surprises.

Well, it´s there... something, what changed all my life!

Dámy a páni.....
Ladies and Gentlemen....
Mesdames et Messieurs.....


the first official trailer

The kay facts: Directed by Ridley Scott, Written by Wiliam Monahan, Year: 2005, Distribuded by 20th Century Fox, Country: United Kingdom, Spain, Germany

Cast: Orlando Bloom - Balian of Ibelin, Eva Green - Sibylla, Jeremy Irons - Tiberias, Liam Neeson - Godfrey of Ibelin, Edward Northon - King Baldwin IV., David Thelwis - Hospitaler,  Marton Scokas - Guy de Lusignan, Ghassan Massoud - Saladin, Bernard Gleeson - Rainold de Chatillons, Alexander Siddig - Imad, Velibor Topic - Almaric

Story line: (I´m not good in reviews, I can´t write objective review, because I have too strong feelings to this movie. So this will be, how I see it :D) ......Once upon a time, there was land, called Holy Land. It still exist,  it isn´t destroyed by monsoon or something like that. For us, it is piece of land, but in that time of medieval, for europans, it was fabulous country, a "New World", kingdom of conscience. But this isn´t the best time, to talk about medieval mind of the world, the nature, the fate and the religion. I´m sure, there will be place for it once. Well, we have the atmosphere, I can start talk the about story.
It all starts in 1184 in France, when old knight Godfrey, the baron of Ibelin, arrives to his born-country,from Levanta, with his loyal friend Hospitaler (i´m sure, he didn´t have name Hospitaler, but in the movie, they didn´t call him by name and everywhere he gets name Hospitaler), to find his son. For the truth, the son is bastard, because Godfrey wasn´t husband of his mother. I´m not going to describe it now, because, it is about feudalistic rights of lords, and that is little complicated :) Back to the France in 1184. Godfrey finds his son in blacksmith forge. It is Balian, destroyed by the loss of his wife and child. In director cut, you can see more story of his confinement and past. I will try to get this two, official and director, versions together :) Well, Godfrey tries to convince Balian, to leave with him to Holy Land, and start again. But Balian refuse, you can see in that face, he is completely lost. There is also very interesting character of priest, Balians step brother, who was played by Michael Sheen. This character is great picture for expression the dastardly face of many christian priests in Middle ages. He hurt Balian everytime. He tries to convince Balian again, takling about forgiveness, and I still don´t understand, why was he doing it. He had to know, that as a son of baron in Jerusalem, Balian will live better, much better than as blacksmith in France......

pondelok 7. novembra 2011

Make-up design: Color-Cycling

This is my make-up desing for November :D Colorful and bright like silky rainbow, whitch we are not going to see for long time.
Circle- without beginning, without end. The symbol of eternity and infinity.

 Nothing takes forever, not even our lives. But we can won the death by our acts. Every person lets something here. At least the memories in head of his old friend. Every person wants to let here memory of himself. To show, that he weren´t unnecessary for this world.
Yes, just like I my work. Perhaps, that is the real reason, why I´m still tring to be better and better. Not to enjoy, what I can do with my hands now, but to show, that I´m worth to be call "special" for what am doing, because, i will always bring something new. Something, what is better, than what I´ve done before. Maybe, that is the reason, why I´m trying to do absolutely anything to make my dream come true. To chenge the world a little. You can see, there is much to change...

Well, back to my project :D Like I said, it is very cheerful, thanks to the colors, I´ve used :D It doesn´t look like that, but it took me 3 hours to make it :D And two days, to find the idea in my head :) Hehe, I´m too big stickler :PP

I haven´t tryied it on my face, but it can be very VERY interesting :D And funny! :)

Playing with the details :D

I must say, I don´t consider black as a happy color, but I so so love this picture and I´m so proud of it! :)

utorok 1. novembra 2011

Alfons Mucha - Repos de la Nuit

It isn´t that long time, when I celebrated my 15th birthday (02.10.) with my friends. I still remember that beautiful moment, when all of them gave me big smile and said: "Všetko najlepšie!!!" I´m so happy to have friends like this :D And why am I writing this? Just to make the atmosphere :D And to show, that gifts aren´t everything :D But if you get some gift, it makes you so so happy :D

This is one of gifts from my friends :D

My friends know, i like Alfons Mucha and his work :D I didn´t know, that they know it, but they do and it was beautiful surprise :)
My friend Sjuz brought me this from Prague (Czech Republic, neighbor of my beloved home-country Slovakia ) and it is one of the most amazing gift I´ve ever got :D It´s just little wooden board with picture but the picture is from Alfons Mucha!! :D  In the concrete, it is poster, named "Repos de la Nuit" from "Les heures du jour" (Times of Day) set.

Beautiful, like all his work :D

And this is my performing :)

And here, with gift from ZuZike :D