pondelok 7. novembra 2011

Make-up design: Color-Cycling

This is my make-up desing for November :D Colorful and bright like silky rainbow, whitch we are not going to see for long time.
Circle- without beginning, without end. The symbol of eternity and infinity.

 Nothing takes forever, not even our lives. But we can won the death by our acts. Every person lets something here. At least the memories in head of his old friend. Every person wants to let here memory of himself. To show, that he weren´t unnecessary for this world.
Yes, just like I do.....by my work. Perhaps, that is the real reason, why I´m still tring to be better and better. Not to enjoy, what I can do with my hands now, but to show, that I´m worth to be call "special" for what am doing, because, i will always bring something new. Something, what is better, than what I´ve done before. Maybe, that is the reason, why I´m trying to do absolutely anything to make my dream come true. To chenge the world a little. You can see, there is much to change...

Well, back to my project :D Like I said, it is very cheerful, thanks to the colors, I´ve used :D It doesn´t look like that, but it took me 3 hours to make it :D And two days, to find the idea in my head :) Hehe, I´m too big stickler :PP

I haven´t tryied it on my face, but it can be very VERY interesting :D And funny! :)

Playing with the details :D

I must say, I don´t consider black as a happy color, but I so so love this picture and I´m so proud of it! :)

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  1. It`s Absolutely wonderful! I`m so proud on you :D I`m happy that you are my friend!! Awesome!!!