pondelok 31. decembra 2012

My 2012 biggest successes

For the last day of this year, which was so far the best, I thought about an article dedictated to my successes in 2012 so, after year or more, it will remind me of them. And I´ll be proud and see how I improve or degrade. 
   And why was this year the best so far? First things first, I spent all the year with my beloved ones. My family, greatest friends, with paint brushes and color pencils, with Alphonse Mucha on my wall  and one big dinosaur in a corner of my room. I´ve survived dentist, apocalypse, 2 halfs of school years, amounts of periods, intrigues of my classmates, family, politicians and public pressure to meet standards of this society. For more reasons keep reading.

In this year I finally found out how beautiful theatre plays are. At the beggining of the year I came to watch one of the best Slovak plays and the best I´ve seen - Stalin v Žiline (Stalin in Žilina). It was monodrama about life story of one of the finest writers from Žilina - Ľubomír Feldek (*1936). In main role there was Marián Gaišberg and his fascinating voice. This drama totaly changed the way I look at the theatre. About month ago I saw 7 dní do pohrebu (7 days till the funeral) with great actress Jana Ohľová. This showed me that theatre also can be very modern and new.

Just great time with great people. Hours of practicing dance. Choosing the best costumes. Raising money. Advertising. Few hassels. And great night! Galaprogram in a style of Millionaire and DISCO! And then tidying. Nah. There were so many troubles during preparing everything but we did it! We did it together and I think we are even closer to each other now. Thank you guys :)

This year summer holiday I visited my sister in Bratislava, the capital city. How lucky I was, when I noticed advertisement on my train ticket. I just had to see it. So I went to the Slovak National Gallery and I saw something incredible. Colossal exhibition of the art of socialistic realism 1948 - 1956 - Prerušená pieseň (Interrupted song). There was the best of the work of such a talented artists like Martin Benka, Ľudovít Fulla and many others not only from the time of realism but art moderna as well. Thank you, dear sister, I will never forget it.

Well, who would say that I´ll win honorable mention on Biennial in Martin with this strange picture on the left? Actually, it´s just a picture of my crossed fingers :P But I´m not complaining, I´m happy and honoured. Thank you, thank you...I didn´t deserve it. Oh, thank you... And there are some other things I made this year and I´m proud of them.
Aaaand, I can´t forget to show you off my BIG in every word meaning project - I painted McQueen on the wall for my cousin´s son Samuel. And I can assure you, it wasn´t easy at all paint such a large picture and moreover with acrilic paint.


So I saw: Beautiful Soul, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Creation, Great Dictator, Habemus Papam, Hodinu Nevíš, Dracula (1992), Modern Times, Nosferatu, Obchod na Korze, Dark Shadows, Vesničko Má Středisková, Rabaka, The Artist, Anna Karenina (2012), Tanec Medzi Črepinami, Perfect Sense... These are those best I think

I started to watch: Once Upon a Time, Rome

I had an honour to fall in love with these ones: Galdiator, Bathory, Black Swan, Cracks, Dark Shadows CD1+CD2, Elisabeth: The Virgin Queen, Game of Thrones, Mask, Perfect Sense, Tanec Medzi Črepinami, Skyfall, Tisícročná Včela, Anna Karenina (2012)...


And it´s the last year yet, so why not to call it THE BEST? :) There´ll be no more years like this, I won´t celebrate my 15 in school playing games and "Chladnozem" again and I´ll definitely never order a "Slovac hot chocolate in CaféKupé nor Canadian one in tea house Víla. I will never climb a tree and sing Edith Piaf with invisible guitar on Žužlla´s birthday party again. It seems that professor Tanitó (modeled by "chlap") won´t be our class teacher anymore ( :( ), as well as my previous french teacher won´t teach me french anymore ( :D ). Two of my classmates left to another schools, but I don´t mourn because I believe they´re on a better place now ...well, that sounds like they died...
   I think it´s enough reasons already. I have nothing else so write. Thank you for reading,

have a great New Years Eve and I whish you everything the best to the year 2013!
Good luck to everyone!

nedeľa 30. decembra 2012

That lazy b*tch Winter

Nah, so sleeeeeeepy weather...

   Ahhh, holidays! :) How incredibly happy am I to just sleep until the lunch time, watch films in TV, pet my guinea pig, read books and think of no trouble. But still, this holidays aren´t what they should be. There´s no snow, just an ice on the roads, there are too many films in TV that I can´t watch those I want because they run in the same time and I still don´t have presents for my friends. I need an inspiration! I have so plenty of  free time, an honestly, I should be punished for not using it properly, but this is just the time which I absolutely hate - "art silence". I may kill myself, but my soul is lazy now. 
   I can´t go out. It´s so cold there outside. So I have to stay at home and complain that I don´t enjoy holidays. Fine. I can do that, but i don´t want to be angry. I want to happy! I want to feel rested, relaxed, just satisfied.
   In case of abide this request of mine, I just take another christmas wafer, put a honey on it and enjoy the soft symphony in my mouth...

Good luck and Happy holidays to everyone!

New look :)

   Hi guys. I´m staying up so long tonight just to make the new look ,you´re looking at now, the best. Maybe it can´t be seen but I spent hours doing it as best as I could. I´m tired and hungry but happy and... wait, what is this strange feeling? Is it...it can´t be...PRIDE? Oh yes, I´m proud of myself because I think it really looks good! :) Now this is a blog that´s worthy of my articles!
   I think it looks very calm, more positive that the one I used to have, the smart and elegant but I would say quite conservative, this one is also elegant but much modern in this way and much warmer. I love those birds flying off the screen, I see it as a symbol of better perspective in the future. And this is what I need so desperately...I fear the future because there is nothing good waiting us there.
   I´ve also made some other big changes. As you may noticed, I´ve removed sections of people and movies that inspire me from the left panel. It looked absolutely horrible... And I added a new section right below the name of the blog. Here, you´ll be able to find even more about films I saw, about people who inspire me and who I found interesting and of course there is page for all my DIYs so you don´t have to search for them through all the articles. I meant the tags for that at the beginning but never mind... I wonder about soundtracks section or at least one for Kingdom of Heaven complete soundtrack updates from my YouTube channel. We´ll see. Now I need to finish things I mentioned above and then 

"in time, who knows what can happen" 

Isabelle of France (Braveheart)