nedeľa 30. decembra 2012

That lazy b*tch Winter

Nah, so sleeeeeeepy weather...

   Ahhh, holidays! :) How incredibly happy am I to just sleep until the lunch time, watch films in TV, pet my guinea pig, read books and think of no trouble. But still, this holidays aren´t what they should be. There´s no snow, just an ice on the roads, there are too many films in TV that I can´t watch those I want because they run in the same time and I still don´t have presents for my friends. I need an inspiration! I have so plenty of  free time, an honestly, I should be punished for not using it properly, but this is just the time which I absolutely hate - "art silence". I may kill myself, but my soul is lazy now. 
   I can´t go out. It´s so cold there outside. So I have to stay at home and complain that I don´t enjoy holidays. Fine. I can do that, but i don´t want to be angry. I want to happy! I want to feel rested, relaxed, just satisfied.
   In case of abide this request of mine, I just take another christmas wafer, put a honey on it and enjoy the soft symphony in my mouth...

Good luck and Happy holidays to everyone!

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