nedeľa 30. decembra 2012

New look :)

   Hi guys. I´m staying up so long tonight just to make the new look ,you´re looking at now, the best. Maybe it can´t be seen but I spent hours doing it as best as I could. I´m tired and hungry but happy and... wait, what is this strange feeling? Is can´t be...PRIDE? Oh yes, I´m proud of myself because I think it really looks good! :) Now this is a blog that´s worthy of my articles!
   I think it looks very calm, more positive that the one I used to have, the smart and elegant but I would say quite conservative, this one is also elegant but much modern in this way and much warmer. I love those birds flying off the screen, I see it as a symbol of better perspective in the future. And this is what I need so desperately...I fear the future because there is nothing good waiting us there.
   I´ve also made some other big changes. As you may noticed, I´ve removed sections of people and movies that inspire me from the left panel. It looked absolutely horrible... And I added a new section right below the name of the blog. Here, you´ll be able to find even more about films I saw, about people who inspire me and who I found interesting and of course there is page for all my DIYs so you don´t have to search for them through all the articles. I meant the tags for that at the beginning but never mind... I wonder about soundtracks section or at least one for Kingdom of Heaven complete soundtrack updates from my YouTube channel. We´ll see. Now I need to finish things I mentioned above and then 

"in time, who knows what can happen" 

Isabelle of France (Braveheart)

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