pondelok 12. novembra 2012

KOH complete soundtrack: 19. Leprosy (Alterante)

Oh, hi. Today, I´m very exited  you don´t even know how much  to update on YouTube and post here this wonderful track from Kingdom of Heaven (KOH) complete soundtrack. As I promised, I´m going to post on my blog every new upload from my channel, every Monday, so. There it is! :)

Today it fits on the 19th track Leprosy. Just one word. B e a u t i f u l. This one belongs to those "special" special for me  which includes, for example My Lord or Light of Life. Very fragile, soft, tender, just lovely :)
It was used in official version in scene where Balian and Sibylla were making love and in Direction´s Cut version (the longer one).

There you have it, the deleted scene (as all scenes with Sibylla´s son were cutted off from official version) and please notice the lovely scene with a king doll at 01:05

Other tracks are going to be uploaded soon. Good luck guys :)

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  1. Huh, the new look? I really like. :) a little bit shock, but it`s really good. :)

    1. :D thank you, I tried to do it little bit more positive than the previous one :)