pondelok 5. novembra 2012

Old dog, new tricks

GOD, I´ve got nearly 5000 views and that makes me think about this empty nothingness here. Oh, yes, I knew it will end up like this. I was telling myself "nooo, that´s not gonna happend, not to you, not again" and you see. I see. False hope, I will never make myself do something I don´t really want to. To be honest, it doesn´t bother me, but I started to miss this hours of writting reflexions by finding a depth of myself and remembering nice moments of my life, so they can make me happy again.

The problem ,yes, there´s always a problem, why would I write here those foolish sentences, if there wasn´t a problem?, is writing in English. I know, it was my decision, I´m just complaining. Another proof that I´m a human. Of course, it helps me to improve my English. I always feel more confident to talk about my emotions when I practice it before. And, I´m sure, it´s not only me, who finds it very artistic and poetic, to write in foreign language. Really poetic... But there is this sick problem. Finally It´s so cold. I feel so cold when I write and then when I read what I´ve written. In school, now, we learn how to write not by our mind but by our soul. If I like it? Yes. Anyway, the teacher is a bitch. That´s what a needed. Find the way how to express myself, emotions, opinions. With every new lesson, I find out, how beautiful the Slovak language really is. It´s playfull, colorful, supercharge... And English? As I know, that it´s my fault, that I see English like this, coz I´m not skilled in the art of this language, so I will call it "my English". My English is so black and white, it´s so difficult for me to find those right words, right phrases. I love to write in English , yes, yes, my english, as I said, it makes me feel so inteligent, so it seems to me, that I´ll write in both languages. I don´t see it as a barrier, the most of my readers are Slovaks, ahoj to you all, and we´ll see how it spits out. 

Another thing I want to change is design. It´s really time to change it. I hate this dark black and grey background. I meant it to be elegant and smart, but I hate it now :) I´ll see what I can do with it. If there is something I can do with it...

And the last but not least my plans: 
Soundtracks! The most beautiful tracks from my favourite movie/series soundtracks
YouTube channel! Every Monday (hopefuly) new track from Complete Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack uploaded on my YouTube channel.

Fuh, so that´s all for now. See ya in the next artecle :)

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  1. Finally! Finally you wrote here something and I`m really happy. It made my day (or just rest of it) seriously! ;) And if i have to be honest, your English is cool and I like it.. ;)