utorok 1. novembra 2011

Alfons Mucha - Repos de la Nuit

It isn´t that long time, when I celebrated my 15th birthday (02.10.) with my friends. I still remember that beautiful moment, when all of them gave me big smile and said: "Všetko najlepšie!!!" I´m so happy to have friends like this :D And why am I writing this? Just to make the atmosphere :D And to show, that gifts aren´t everything :D But if you get some gift, it makes you so so happy :D

This is one of gifts from my friends :D

My friends know, i like Alfons Mucha and his work :D I didn´t know, that they know it, but they do and it was beautiful surprise :)
My friend Sjuz brought me this from Prague (Czech Republic, neighbor of my beloved home-country Slovakia ) and it is one of the most amazing gift I´ve ever got :D It´s just little wooden board with picture but the picture is from Alfons Mucha!! :D  In the concrete, it is poster, named "Repos de la Nuit" from "Les heures du jour" (Times of Day) set.

Beautiful, like all his work :D

And this is my performing :)

And here, with gift from ZuZike :D

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