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Movie: Kingdom of Heaven (I.)

So....this amazing date 11.11.2011 needs something special for this blog :D I said amazing, because my favourite number is 1, not because i belive in thet mysteries with numbers, dates.....I don´t really understand it :P But I must say, it was funny to celebrate day such as this :D In the middle of lesson, exactly at 11:11, mobiles in our classe started to ring! We were laughting and teacher was just wacthing us with obtuse face :) Biology......lesson full of surprises.

Well, it´s there... something, what changed all my life!

Dámy a páni.....
Ladies and Gentlemen....
Mesdames et Messieurs.....


the first official trailer

The kay facts: Directed by Ridley Scott, Written by Wiliam Monahan, Year: 2005, Distribuded by 20th Century Fox, Country: United Kingdom, Spain, Germany

Cast: Orlando Bloom - Balian of Ibelin, Eva Green - Sibylla, Jeremy Irons - Tiberias, Liam Neeson - Godfrey of Ibelin, Edward Northon - King Baldwin IV., David Thelwis - Hospitaler,  Marton Scokas - Guy de Lusignan, Ghassan Massoud - Saladin, Bernard Gleeson - Rainold de Chatillons, Alexander Siddig - Imad, Velibor Topic - Almaric

Story line: (I´m not good in reviews, I can´t write objective review, because I have too strong feelings to this movie. So this will be, how I see it :D) ......Once upon a time, there was land, called Holy Land. It still exist,  it isn´t destroyed by monsoon or something like that. For us, it is piece of land, but in that time of medieval, for europans, it was fabulous country, a "New World", kingdom of conscience. But this isn´t the best time, to talk about medieval mind of the world, the nature, the fate and the religion. I´m sure, there will be place for it once. Well, we have the atmosphere, I can start talk the about story.
It all starts in 1184 in France, when old knight Godfrey, the baron of Ibelin, arrives to his born-country,from Levanta, with his loyal friend Hospitaler (i´m sure, he didn´t have name Hospitaler, but in the movie, they didn´t call him by name and everywhere he gets name Hospitaler), to find his son. For the truth, the son is bastard, because Godfrey wasn´t husband of his mother. I´m not going to describe it now, because, it is about feudalistic rights of lords, and that is little complicated :) Back to the France in 1184. Godfrey finds his son in blacksmith forge. It is Balian, destroyed by the loss of his wife and child. In director cut, you can see more story of his confinement and past. I will try to get this two, official and director, versions together :) Well, Godfrey tries to convince Balian, to leave with him to Holy Land, and start again. But Balian refuse, you can see in that face, he is completely lost. There is also very interesting character of priest, Balians step brother, who was played by Michael Sheen. This character is great picture for expression the dastardly face of many christian priests in Middle ages. He hurt Balian everytime. He tries to convince Balian again, takling about forgiveness, and I still don´t understand, why was he doing it. He had to know, that as a son of baron in Jerusalem, Balian will live better, much better than as blacksmith in France......

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