pondelok 3. júna 2013

And so I had a strong desire to write that night

I love to travel in bus late in night. When there are nearly no people inside and the driver listnens to his favourite music, loud. It´s like you secretly and quietly wallk into his very own world. Lastly, when I went from my friend´s place in univerity dormitory at about 10 pm, the driver was listening to QUEEN. The bus was full of emptility and light and I was sitting and writting this down on one piece of paper I luckly found in my bag. Chewing gum with no flavour anymore was in my mouth just like the city in the bus I looked form window and saw the reflection of the the bus on the road outhere and so it seemed like the road was in the bus. How funny, some people in the bus, bus in the town, town in the bus, but still no people in the town. Only lights. Those from shopping center, bank, luminous advertisings and that Queen song. I don´t know the name of it, but it lighted, it highlighed the atmosphere. Fuck, I should have been studying biology that time. What everything I can do just not to study. rather think of this road that just ends. Just a few steps and I´m at home. Finally eat something and take my make-up off. I think I have enought of this mask for today... "I WANT TO BREAK FREE!"

"God knows I want to break free!"

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