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Hello with my widest smile to you! :) I´m just so so happy right now. It´s because of all the wonderful memories I have and the great feeling that came back to me after reminding myself about one unforgetable evening/night. Of course, I don´t remember everything, but I can recall the smell of my antiperspirant, the pain in my legs, that soft touch of powder on my sweaty body, ...no commercials, but I use Rimmel London Stay Matte powder, great one..., my nervous heart beating, the aroma of the hairspray the hair-dresser used on my curled hair, firm grip of my partner, taste of that disgusting (sorry, for using such an expression on food, but if you had a chance to try it, you´d think the same) polish chocolate and many other things, but above all I remember that great sentiment about all of us, my body and the music.

Sounds like a great occasion, doesn´t it? :D It´s all about this event, "Venček", that took a place in April, 5th. ...Yeah, yeah, I know, I have to explain what that "Venček" thing is. I´ll try my best... In Slovakia (don´t know how it is in other countries), students of high schools have this opportunity to attend courses of ballroom dancing and as we are (my class) students of gymnasium, it is a more like tradition to take it. So, we had 10 courses and then it all finished with this evening when we had something like ball, or however I can call it, we just performed what we have learnd to our paretns who paid all that, not really cheap, stuff (courses, clothing, tickets, gifts = for me it was nearly 200 €). That´s venček. If you´d like to see some more pictures or read more vistit my schoolmate´s blog.
We learned 10 dances! English and Viennese Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Blues, Jive, Cha Cha, Czech Polka, Twist and Country.
First we had a parade and exhibition of all dances. Then there was dance with parents and some dances performed by professionals. And after this, COMPETITION TIME! 30 pairs, only 6 of them could go ahead trouhg theese: English and Viennese Waltz, Polka, Jive and Cha Cha. Try to guess, who was in this "first 6"! :) So there was another round and after every dance number judge revealed the valuation. And according to it, my partner and me, we won the 3th place! ...I still can´t believe that!...
Most of the friends just rolle their eyes when I say I was surprised or that I really didn´t think it could happen, not after so much mistakes I made, but nevermind. It was definately thanks to my great partner. Just like my sister said: "He was leading and you were smiling" :) ...And isn´t it how it should be?...
Then there was a competition just for boys. One long track, girls running from one boy to another, having a short dance with them and pinning a small decorative ring-shaped wreaths (in Slovak "venček") on their suit. And the guy who had most of them, and so danced with the highes number of girls won. Would you believe me, if I say that MY partner won it? ...No matter if you would, he really did!... After that, it was boy´s turn to pick Miss Sympa by giving us flowers and chocolates, but it wasn´t a dancing competition, because if it were, we all would know who´d win it :) My great great friend Zuzike, who, surprisingly, won the 6th palce in the pair contest. And now, the most important thing for me was about to be told. I´m not hiding that my biggest ambition was to win as a creator of the prittiest "wreath". And I did! That was the most beautiful moment of all. ...I´m so fucking proud of myself!...
What happend next, I didn´t really care about, the ambitions have been satisfied. The end of the "ball", disco, saying goodbye, way to home and bed. Enough. Falling asleep as the happiest person in the world.
So that´s it. It wans´t such a big deal, but I felt like absolute lady. And you can see it in the pictures, it was all very elegant and classy, and I don´t know, I think most of us just like to enjoy that kind of atmophere once in a long time. And also, thanks  to pictures, this seems to be my first OUTFIT and make-up, hair and nails post :) As you can see, I was wearing beautiful black and cherryred dress from Bonprix, hair curled and pinned on side, nails painted on red, earrings from Lindex, regular foundation routine + red blush + Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in 09 "Rosseto" was a great choise for a long night. ...What elese should I say?...
Oh, yes! I must thank to my great partner Denis, who was the best leader and who I´d never thought I could get so far without. And for that wonderful bouquet of roses he gave to me. My height and my maladroid legs were a problem, but he faced all the troubles (those I mentioned and plus his own sore ankle) with courage and our venček was a manifique feast for eyes of all in the hall.

"And now, I teach you to dance, so you know what to do when you feel infinitely easy but also undeathably hard."

Mother (Tanec medzi Črepinami)

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