utorok 2. apríla 2013

Oh, March!

What the hell is this?! I´m asking. Is this....look at me....is this how March behave like? NO! It´s not! Do you hear me? Bad March, bad bad March.

So I woke up yesterday morning, looked from window and what didn´t I see? Snow. Yes, whole land the man´s eye can see is coverd by snow in April. And what´s happening right now is snow falling. Snowflake after snowflake, or better say thousands snowflakes after thousands and another thousands that one can´t even see forward.
   It´s Easter time, but hey, this is more like Christmas than any other holiday here in Slovakia. And nearly whole Europe. Not even in Christmas we had such a weather. It´s beautiful, I must admit. But it´s risky beauty. There, where I live the nature doesn´t endanger us like it does in other parts of Slovakia. The month was full of dangerous car crashes and deluges and accidents. Yeah, it´s sad, you know, when watching this in TV news everyday, but do you know what touches my heart the most? Than it gets people together. When I see all of them filling the sacks by sand and place them all around the flows of the rivers, old, young, the whole village, doing whatever they can, trying to help, no matter if their houses or properties are in danger or not. And they are still quite positive. It´s so impressive mark of that people are not heartless, even in this times...we all know what this times are, I don´t thing I have to explain how I see it :)
   I´m not complaining, really, I just wanted to express my opinion about the weather. I don´t really care about it because of myself. I do have warm clothes, we do have operative heating system in whole building, water, electricity, there are no problems with transport, just, I´m not cut off from the civilisation. What makes me worry are the influances of the weather, especially on nature. Poor animals are waiting for the spring, they are hungry and tired of all this. And what about farmers. They are trying whole year to cultive something and now, ah, I hope it won´t ruin them...And all those people and animals living on the streets. Those, who have nowhere to hide from the frost.
   Another thing that has made me worry is my new role in play of my two friends as one of them is going to enjoy skiing in Italy. So I´m learning the script during my free time. Well, when I am  free from my other free time activities.The role is quite funny to me, because I find the half of it like if it was written right for me and the other half right contre me :D I just hope I will do it and pass another competition we have on 11. April.
   This is just something that I´m even more exited about than the theatre, and so, Game of Thrones season 3! :O Now I can imagine all of you – GOT fans so so happy and you – let´s say not fans like „heavens, another one of them“ and I´m sorry, I don´t want to make anyone, who´s not already, sick of it. It´s just unspeakable joy :)
   And the last think  wantetd to highlight in this report, is: I´m quite inspired by this "month favourites" stuff so I decided to give it a try. No need to worry, it certainly isn´t going to be about cosmetics and make up, but about thing I love endlessly – ART! + culture, history... So look forward to the next post. :)

"You have strange eyes, you Slavs. Full of fear..."

Odillo (Spring of life)

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