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March favourites

Heey :D I´m back, you see? And today I´d like to share with you, as I promised, stuff that crossed my way throught the cold days of Mach. So, shut up micheska and let´s get started :)

ҩ As a film lover it´s a must to begin with a FAVOURITE FILM of March, which is finally rewatched
  • Avatar (2009) I think I don´t have to explain why I love this movie, I watched it the last day of March, it was in TV, there was nothing better in so I told myself ´why not´ and I know I´ve done the right decision. All of those emotions I had form this movie that day in cinema in 2009 went back and I had a really hard time not to cry.
ҩ For FAVOURITE VIDEO I definitly choose this fan video, which I´m absolutely mad about. If you are a fan of Kingdom of Heaven, or at least you´ve seen the movie, I bet you will like the video. Or at least the song, which I personally love well, I´m not really sure If it´s because I love the video or becuse the song itslef or because I´m in love with Guy de Lusignan and the song totally shows his second side...
See for yourslef.

ҩ As the FAVORITE SOUNDTRACK of March I present you the one, having music all composed in the second half of 18th century by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Amadeus - Special Edition Soundtrack - Director´s Cut CD1+2 and why this? Well, because! And because I was listening to this album everytime I could. And, this is the best, it was my background music everytime I was having a nap. You should try this sometimes, to fall asleep and wake up while some nice music is playing. I admit, I´m listening to this soundtrack right now :)
    If you´d like to know more about soundtrack or the movie Amadeus (1984) , here you go You´ll hear from me about it, I swear
ҩ I have a question for you: Have you heard some classical music today? By a FAVOURITE TRACKS, from the same soundtrack I mentioned above, I´d like to feed your soul´s needs so I´m highlighting these three tracks:
  • Zaide; Aria, Ruhe Sanft - this one´s my all time favourite from the whole soundtrack, so I´d like you to listen to it, too, so you have some nice music in the background while reading this :) And plus, this is the track, the CD2 beggins with, so this is the melody I´m falling asleep with :)

  • Requirem Lacrimosa just few words: so wonderfuly dramatic, I bet you have alredy heard this melody, at least in the Simpsons (15x11) and when I die, I want this track being played on my funeral!
  • Piano Concerto In D Minor, K. 466, 2nd Movement beautiful and calm, just reminding me of the spring we are still waiting for, the sun and warm wind and peaceful singing of little birds, and me walking down the sun-drenched main streen and people are kind and they are smiling and wearing costumes in pale colours ....ach, the new world is waiting for us and we must be the ones who do the fist step as a prove that we want it and deserve it, let´s be the new generation who starts the revolution
ҩ What I always say most of the times just to myself, but nevermind is: Honor the history but be open for the modern as well. So there are my FAVOURITE SONGS of  March, which are much younger than Mozart´s geart works:
  • Lana Del Rey - Burning Desire I still don´t know, why the lyrics touched me so much well, maybe because I also do have burning desires for you, baby
  • Zaz - Dans ma Rue I was on one competition in one of music schools in my town, where students were singinig in French and there was a girl who sang the song, I knew it before and of course loved it before, but in March it looked like a obsession :)
  • Milan Lasica - Skôr než odídeš the slovak evergreen originally sung by František Krištof Veselý, it just gives you this feeling of classic black and white times, girls and women in dress and men in suits, nah, I´m really a fucking deep dreamer :D
ҩ FAOURITE EVENT is the drama competition in Wednesday 6th, which we won with the Bernard Shaw´s Pygmalion. It was a wonderful time we had, so much fun and not a nervous atmosphere, at all. And tomorrow, as we won, we continue and if we win, we step foraward to national round.

Oldslavic godness Lada (coffee and ink)

ҩ And last, but not least, FAVOURITE QUOTE is very well known for those, who have ever danced a tango :) This remins me of a post I have to do for you, guys. About our mine and my fiends´ not yours :P "ball" so I hope we´ll meet in the next article. Until then, stay inspired :)

"S l o w , s l o w , quickquick."

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