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Costumes: Camelot

In this article, I´m gonna talk about my obsession - fashion. But not about this "fashion", which I´m not interested in as much as the ´maybe once´ student od fashion design may be. I don´t like the fact that designers of this times make clothes not for wearing but just for watching. Hand on heart, when you look on outfits from some people, you can be shocked because you know that the only one who would ever wear it are the models. That´s the other reason, why I want to come into the world of fashion, to make clothes able to be worn :D But my biggest dream is to design costumes for movies, Especially historic movies from Middle Ages. 

Camelot is TV serie from television Starz, which is also owner of Spartacus (Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, Vengeance) or the Golden Globe winning drama series Boss. As you may guess, the show is about legendary King Arthur, his evil sister Morgan and sorcerer Merlin. But the story is about what was happening behind the myth. Before Arthur became that big king. It´s not the best show I´ve ever seen, neither the second best one...even the third, but I watched it, I had to watch because of Eva Green who plays Morgan here and I must say (whole world will agree) she was the BEST Morgan ever! I saw performings of this character in  other movies and shows (some of them I´m not very proud of, but only the risk could proof it, however, I was sure of it before the shooting itself :)

Except Eva Green, there are another two reason why I liked to watch Camelot. The first is soundtrack made by brothers Jeff and Mychael Danna, which was nominated for Emmy Awards and the second are COSTUMES, finally :D The author is Joan Bergin. Here you are, watch her opinions in video below.

And now, my opinion! :D The costumes are stunning. I can´t present you each costume because I don´t have HD pics of all of them :/ So for today, I chose the most beautiful outfit of whole show :D Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Morgan´s coronation dress...

Morgan wore it in 10 episode "Reckoning" for her coronation as Queen of Britains.......but in that moment Arthur suddenly came and destroyed everything. Silly boy...he always destroyed more than he saved. But back to the dress. I absolutely love the dark brown color and with the cut of this dress, it makes it very elegant. Also note the fancywork on her chest. God, like a flame of passion on her breast...

My favourite and striking part of dress are sleeves :D Soft black lace stitches by silver thread. I was observing her hands while whole watching of  the scenes where she wore it :)

However, she didn´t wear the dress alone. She had coat, too. This long glaring coat with large wide sleeves, which contrast to narrower sleeves of the dress and that gives it the medieval aroma. Just like the hem on the edges. Also look at the brilliant embroidery which gives a shine to the outfit. The coat is opened in front and as you can see it´s bound at her back.

This costume is really worthy of Queen, I think. Only sad think is, that she didn´t become the Queen. I understand, they couldn´t make her a ruler because of the legend, but she would be great. Great leader, not a warlord. Now, I´m wondering who should I choose for next look into costume. It won´t be Morgan, I want someone else, maybe some man, we will see. :) But since Morgan is the  best character from Camelot cast, you can be sure, that this isn´t the last time you meet her in this blog :) 

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  1. So fashion... hmmm.. Finger crossed, my dear! ;)

  2. You know......I´m into many things :D Fashion, culture, history and connection of these is design of costumes :D but thanks for your support, it gives me courage :D

  3. You know, that I always stay behind you.. I`ll always help you if you`ll need it... :)

  4. Thank you so much. I´m so grateful to have you :D