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One page of good book teaches more than hundred prints of common bestsellers

As-Salaamu Alaykum :) Today´s article is about books. But not about common books, but about books which I love and want to read again :D But the biggest problem takes all my time and when I have little bit of free time, I´m always so tired so I can´t read a page of book or write here any short article. I say this all my life: The school will kill me once!

So, I chose 4 books, which I´m into right now :D Warning: These books aren´t for everyone! 
I hate long books, romantic novels, neverending adventures with more sci-fi than realistic story. I belong to the community of consuming readers, who want to feel emotions. I want book to get in my head after reading of 3 first pages. If it doesn´t I wouldn´t continue in reading. I need to feel hunger for the book, only then I know, that the book is good. When it is in my mind and I can´t stop think about it. In a time of school exam, in a bus or when I want to sleep but I´m not allowed to because I think about it and I can´t shake it off from my head. You know, when the music is playing in your head while reading, when you feel the warm of fireplace, coldness of every single snowflake falling on your face. When your body is shaking and you fight yourself not to cry because of the brutal realistic truth.

Yes, this is what I need the most in the stories. Brutal Realistic Truth. That´s exactly what has to be in the story to make me believe in it. And that is exactly why I love to read nonfiction. Last 2 years I read only this. I was completely into history of Crusides (it doesn´t mean that I´m not now) and I have read everything I found in our big town library. It´s really big but still not big enough for me :) I still miss books written by Bernard Hemilton - "Women in the Crusader States" and "The Leper King and his Heirs". I found something on Google books but you know, it´s totaly different, when you can hold the book in your arms and read it even if you don´t have internet with you.

So realistic truth + history + emotions + story  = Biography :) I really love to read biographies of some, for me, "big people". I love to see their path of life, path to fame and their end. It always learn me something :) 

Jozef Kroner: Neobyčajný Testament (2009)
Unusual Testament
 Collection of short stories written by slovak, my favourite Slovak actor (and I would say the best Slovak actor). There are sketches, short tales and humoresques all inspired by his own life. The stories are very simple, whitch make them beautiful. First story has name Testament and shows Jozef´s sudden death. The story is about his meeting with parents and all his dead sibs. Kroner maybe didn´t even know how emotionally he wrote it. I saw every his feeling, his esteem to his father and his respect to his mother. His love to all his family, how much he misses them but also how much he loves to live. 

Francesco Gabrieli: Storici arabi delle Crociate (2010)
Crusades in the eyes of Arabic chroniclers
This book I bought to myself for Christmas. As I warned before, I´m absolutely into Crusades, not only as historic period, political conflict but also as cultural revolution. I hate when someone is looking at it only from one sight. If anyone wants to have great statements, he must read the second page of this brutal 200 years lasting part of history. So, this is selection of record written by Arabic chroniclers.
Jozef Banáš: Zastavte Dubčeka! (2009)
Stop Dubček!
The title of this book lies. It´s biography of the best Slovak politician - Alexander Dubček. Subtitle reveals the title : "Story of men, who  hindered  the powerful."  I really liked this book, it´s quite gross  book, I spent so long time with it but I don´t regret a minute. I knew much about his political career but this book shows him also as common person, very modest and honest. From his childhood, fight in Slovak National Uprising, Prague Spring, until his death, his life really wasn´t easy.
Simone Berteaut: Piaf  (1969)
Edith Piaf
For quality of this book, I write, what Simone wrote on the beginning : "For you, Edith, I wrote this book truly, without colorable to be heard your smile and cry." And she did it :D Edith´s life is like melodrama. But when I was reading it, I found that life of Simone was maybe harder because she had to go through everything what Edith experienced and she also had her own problems. And I falled in love with her character in Edith´s lifeplay.

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  1. Your style is amazing.. But you know, that it`s not my cup of tea.. :) but that means, that you are special.. :)

  2. of course :D as every single person on this planet :D