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DIY: What is embroidered, will remain

How I promised, I´m adding a project of this Christmas - gifts for my friends :D It took me 2 days for each pendant. I have broken 3 needles :D It was real hard work but I´m proud of it and my friends looked so happy when I gave it to them :D So let´s get started...

You will need:
  • fabric
  • thread (one in color of fabric and some in different)
  • needle
  • scissors
  • pins
  • pencil
  • padding
  • design of letter for embroidery
  • ribbon
Well, for the first, cut two same pieces of fabric (I chosed oval) and draw the desing of letter which you chose on one of the two pieces. For exemple, I inspected fonts in Word 2010, which I have in my notebook. I didn´t find anything special so I continued in searching on the Internet. I found some sites with free fonts, so I downloaded about 10 gothic fonts (I bevlieve, that gothic fonts look very serious and elegant on separated letter). Then I opend my Word (or Power Point, or whatever you wont, it really makes no difference) and wrote the letter in this fonts and tried in which it will look the best. Try to choose some uncomplicated one, because it will take so much time to do it and you will be tired of it soon. Well, draw the final letter in middle of the piece of fabric, which you prepared before and put on the thread, in different color than it´s the fabric, to needle.
Go around the drawn line of the letter. Just like if you are sewing something. Then go around again and fill the places which stayed empty. Now, you should see the outline of the letter :) You are able to start embroider :D

Fill the place like this:

Try to get the threads to each as closest as it is possible. Don´t miss any place, which should be embroidered and embroider until the letter is full colored by thread.

Now, take both pieces of fabric (which you prepared at the beginning) and make sure, it they are same :D ... I know, it´s not deadly important..... just make yourself sure :)

Yes, they don´t look the same but it´s because of the wavy fabric on the right :D

Now, we are going to stitch :P So, take the pieces and pin them together :D I love my colorful pins! :D

You can also draw a line of where you will stitch if you prefer :D

Stitch around and don´t forget to stop 2 or 3 cm before the beginning. You need hole for stuff the pendant with padding. Take the pins away and turn over the pendant to the right side. Now, choose some nice ribbon....

Now skip to stuffing. I used cotton padding but you can use whatever you want. It´s all up to you. Fill the pendant until it´s full of padding. 

Now, take the ribbon you chose and pin it on top of pendant. Stitch it and close the pendant. Be happy now, IT´S DONE! :D

This is B in font "Medici Text"

E in font "Pauls Swirly Gothic Font"

S in "Pauls Swirly Gothic Font"

Z in "Vivaldy"

Ž in "VTC- Bad Tattoo Hand One"

S in "Strassburg Frukture"

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