sobota 31. decembra 2011

Movie: Earthlings

Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904-1991) in his bestseller "Enemies, a love story" wrote: 

As often has Herman had witnessed the salughter of animals or fish, he always had the same thought: In their behavior toward creatures, all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemply the most extreme racist theories: 
"The principle that might is right."

Well, I´m here again, with bowl of popcorn, with smell of burning candles, listening complete Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack. Yeah, that´s relax. Just lying in bed with my sweet guinea pig, wondering if there´s something nicer in my life. I have holyday so there are no problems with school, I have my beloved pet near me, I can kiss her, stroke her...

This is her - Hryzka, the reason why I live :)

Just one look it this face and my life gets sense :)

This is absolutely the best photo I´ve ever done.

This is the life...

Like I said, I love art in its every way, I love music, I love movies, I love paintings, I love fashion, I love culture, I love design, I love architecture, I love dance, I love photos..... God, it can´t be written, everything what I love about art. 
But what I haven´t said is that I love nature, and the most I love ANIMALS. I love their innocence. I love them all. From little ant to the biggest whales, I love them all. Because they deserve it. They live with us, they work for us, they die for us, they let us hurt them, they let us be stronger and they let us rule them and whole planet, no matter that this world is their like it´s ours. 
Just because animals don´t have the same desires or thinking like us or just because they are not that inteligent as we are, it doesn´t mean that they have no senses, it doesn´t mean that they don´t feel pain, it doesn´t mean that they are stupid and they don´t deserve to live their lifes. 
I hate people, I hate us, I hate myself because of what we have done to them. And we still do that to them. They were here in battles, in scientific researchs, in medicine, in the times of peace, in wars. They were here for us, they died, they suffered, that we might live better.
They die and we have what we need - food. I don´t have any problem with eating meat, killing animals for food, that´s natural, we couldn´t live without it. But because it´s important for our live, we should have respect for them, because thanks to them we live. They deserve better life than life in cages with another thousand animals on little piece of land with them. Try to image you, with living space smaler than sheet of paper in format A4 and then die, hanging on leg, upside down cutted through the neck. 
Animals deserve to feel fresh air in their lungs, green grass under their foots and freedom.
But there is movie, for the truth it´s document, which explains everything. I tried to make a little trailer for you.


This documentary is from 2005 and the narrator is Joaquin Phoenix, actor, who you can know from Gladiator. From my trailer, it can seem like movie just about life´s truths, but it´s not. Actually, that is just the introduction. Core of movie is builded by shoots from hidden camera from the places where this crimes are happening every day. Warning: There you will see the brutal but realistic truth. It´s for people, who don´t close their eyes before the truth. If you want to see official trailer or if you want to know more about the movie visit the official site
After watchinhg the movie, you will understand everything. You will understand that...

this must be stopped!

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  1. Jop, Mirecka, that`s you.. You are a person with animal soul.. :)

  2. my soul and my heart cries, but my face is calm :/ Thank´s to God, I´m woman.