pondelok 12. decembra 2011

Alfons Mucha - Zodiac

   It´s more than 10 days, when I published the last article :D Well, I´m busy because of chrismas presents for my family and friends. Like nearly every year, it is my own work. After 6th january all project will be here :D
   So, for today, I chose my favourite poster by Alfons Mucha. I always like ornamental posters with positive colors, complicated background. The woman on the picture is beautiful. With pale skin, long hair, in smart gown.  But the most impressive things on the picture are jewellery. I mean, just look at them! Bright necklace and shiny crown. She´s like a princess born of sunlight. The poster is getting rays into this time of winter´s fog. But thanks to it, this season has some much magic and mystery in the air :D

This is the original, but this article couldn´t be written by me without my performing :D

Cut the detail, apply effects, add sunshine and voilá!

My favourite details - the necklace and the crown

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