štvrtok 22. decembra 2011

Christmas is knocking on the door...

"...well, then just open it."

this is my favourite slovak carol :D "Just for the athmosfere" :P

Hey, hey!! :D I´m back with great mood :) There are many reasons of my happiness. Christmas is coming, it finally started to snow here, and... we had great Christmas party in class. Well, we can call it "party" but it wasn´t anything more, than meeting after school in class with all classmates and with our class teacher. Carols, kofola, pizza and gifts. Everyone bought one gift, the all were gathered on the desk, every of them got a number and then, we received some number and gift of the number :) It´s nice, because everyone got something....... ehm, I got a tea, but the present from me wasn´t anything worldshaking - puzzle with girlish motive. And try to guess, who got it.... :P
   There´s just one sad thing about it - I forgot to take photo of our beautiful class. In fact, it has never been so beautiful as in this evening :) Lavishly decorated Christmas tree, smell of mandarins, bright and sparkling decors on walls and windows... we did it as best as we could. And I think, we handled it.
   Well, it was stunning farewell with my colleagues and teacher before threeweeks long holiday. At the end, big hugsgiving and goodbye. I´ll see you at 6.1. :D May God bless you...

Jéé, pizza for me! Juicy Bolognese pizza :P

Dessert - "Apple. Ice-cream Apple" :D

And now, time for PRESENTS!!

God, I couldn´t forget for this box!! It may be 70 years old! Hehe, something from Slovak culture :D 

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