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What 2012 brings (I/II)

This year 2012 brought, brings and will bring many new movies. And new seasons of well known TV series. I really couldn´t wait this year to come also because I needed to start again. With many things. I need a new view on things happening around me. Well, I thought it would help me, but it seems, I will have to fight myself (again! :D) and I have to change the place from which I´m observing things, a common move with my head won´t help me. I feel that things are not going well and I´m getting more sorrows than joys. I´m making  bad decisions. Maybe I need  some new people, open my eyes widely, see humans with less prejudices. It will be hard, I´m sure but I want it! I want fight, I don´t know why, I feel so strong, it sudden came and I feel like warrior with sword but without shield reliant on myself. I have a horse, too, but I forgot that it also has its own personality, that it also needs freedom. I didn´t behave to it good, so it´s running away from me. I feel I´m loosing its commitment. I have to leave the door open for it, but also for me of course. I believe that when I loose something I must find new one. 
I´m wondering what is better, to have just sword or just shield. To be an attacker or defender. I have to conquer new lands but I have to defend my old ones. And how, without shield? Without anything what can I hide behind. I must change the tactic, I must show myself all. It will be fighting against myself but I must win this battle. I have so much courage and I know there are some people who would stand in line with me in the worse moment. I´M BOHEMIAN. I enjoy everything and I´LL ENJOY THIS BATTLE, TOO!!


Spartacus: Venegeance
I really couldn´t wait for new season after watching Gods of the Arena. I already saw the 6th episode and I still know mine - Gods of the Arena was better than 1st or this season, but it´s still worthy of watching. As I mentioned, article before, I love brutal realistic truth. You know, sometimes there are some mistakes, but the knowledge, that Spartacus will be defeated at the end always makes that evil laughting in my mind :D And since Lucretia is alive, with her mystic position, I will watch it to the bitter end. But I really miss Batiatus. They two were my favourite characters.

One site of conflict - Spartacus with the other slaves
Mira, Crixus, Onomeas, Naevea and new characters: Nasir, Agron, ...

The second site - ROME
Galber, Ilithia, Ashur, Lucretia and new arrivals: Seppia, Seppius and all Rome oc


Perfect Sense
How long I waited for this movie!  Well, I waited for it since I first heard about its shooting.  So it was about one year, maybe more. Nevermind, I had the honor to see it in cinema, but I already saw it 3 or 2 days before :) It´s so strong movie, with Eva Green (:) and with Ewan McGregor, who is man, who really makes you cry. It´s drama, where two people find senses of love while they´re, and all world, loosing the senses. I was crying, what doesn´t happen to me usually but it isn´t apocalyptic movie, it says "without love, there´s nothing".


The Iron Lady
For the truth, this is another movie which I´d like to see only because of the actress in main role - Maryl Streep, who is absolutly stunning in every her movie I saw. I will never forget for movie Death Becomes Her, which as a child, I loved to watch :) And I love it for today. I´m pretty exited to see something from British modern history. I also like to watch stories of strong women in the world of men. I know the movie is already out, but I would like to enjoy the view from cinema seat, and Iron Lady will be in our theatres in March, so I have to wait. Because I´m stubborn...


Game of Thrones:  War is coming
Wooo!! :D I really can´t wait this season to start! The first killed me, cast, background, costumes, design of sets and story :) Of course, I will miss Sean Bean, but just for his rumped face. Who I really love is Peter Dinklage´s Tyrion Lannister. I´m so happy, that he finally got some serious role in serious project, even the best! I feel something beautiful from his personality. And I can´t forget for new characters, especially Melisandre by Carice van Houten. I saw her in Black Death  and she has the sorcery spirit in her. And I want to see new nations (jellyfish, bear, deer).


Dark Shadows
New Depp´s and Burton´s movie. It´s remake of soup opera series from 1966-1971 with vampires and witches and crazy Helena Bonham Carter. I personally don´t give big chances to this movie. I like Burton, I consider Johnny as real actor and I can´t say no to Helena, but the only thing, which I will spend money for, is Eva Green. :) She plays Angelique Bouchard. Johnny plays her lover, but as playboy of 18th century, he leaves her and she makes a vampire from him. Then he wakes up in 1970´s, finding his new family in modern world.....but Angelique will catch him! Now I´m imagining an evil laugh again MUHAHAHAA! :D

Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Mortez, Gulliver McCrath, Balla Heathcote, Johnny Depp, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Michelle Pfeiffer


Yes! I waited for more than 2 years for another Ridley´s epic movie, and you see, justly. I´m not big fan of sci-fi, but you know, Ridley Scott is Ridley Scott and when I heard that this will be something connected with Alien, I became very very excited. There are Noomi Rapace , Michal Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Patric Wilson in main cast. But I want to see Guy Pearce the most. I saw him in King´s Speech for the first time. Nice guy. Well the story is about explores who discover a key to the mankind origin, but more important will be to save it.

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