utorok 22. januára 2013

Oh, January...so we meet again!

Again! 2013 had an hour to begin with January. With a hot Rooibos tea without sugar and used tissues all around me, I recognize we are in the second half of the coldest month in a whole year. I wake up into my cold room, I leave home into the cold world, I enter the cold school, sit on my cold wooden chair listening about cold weather influences  on georelief and the sound of the snow under my feet. Then I take a cold bus back home and lie down sleep into my cold bed.  However, during all that time, I think about the hottest passions. How beautiful it would be to just take a brush and panit all this dying world? How? Sinful! How do I dare to think about that?! It snows now. Snowflake after snowflake, gravity place each one on the others oh, thanks a lot Jožka, now I look at this miracle in your physical way, and there you go. Creating lands of untouched innocence. Covering thick footprints. Hiding the beaten track, incorrect paths, wrong decisions. Isn´t it a chance to start again? To fix  our mistakes? I can see some symbolism in this Isn´t it wonderful to see everything around us coverd by this white veiling of purification? Maybe we all feel much more cleaner by the influence of it. That´s why we adore it so much the look, at least.  So I´m saying, thank to you, January, for making me temperate and for freezing my passions, so I can save them for worse times.

I send thousend kisses to Martin Benka, Napoleon, Henri de Toulouse - Lautrec, Miloš Forman and Ladislav Hudec

And for you Kollár, Bernolák, Bajza, Fándly, Rudnay, Šafárik, Hollý, Hamuliak and for all in Štúr´s band - thank you for what you have done for our nation but still - Fuck Yourselves - !

with love micheska

"Aimer. Aimer. Aimer."

Edith Piaf (La Mome Piaf)

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