nedeľa 27. januára 2013

And with me it´s 6001

Woke up. Short walk in apatment. Back to bed. Turned up notebook. Browsed facebook, youtube, EGW and then my blog. Something new. Already?!
6000 and 1 wiews my dears. Not a big deal? For me, it is! I just don´t know how it happend so quickly. It´s not a great change, but still, you know, I feel responsibility. I must take care of this blog more, and write better articles, maybe more often. But this was just somethink what gave me a reason to write, so I´m not gonna care about this now and jump to something more interesting. More interesting than history? How dare I?
The year begins in good way. Maybe not that good, but it doesn´t beat me so I appreciate it. :)
I´m just trying to say, that my worries haven´t fulfilled yet, but I still live in the fear that once they will. So my happiness is more a fear and appreciation that everything goes like this.
Yes, I´m talking about our dance lessons, too. I thought of it as a hell, but actually, it´s not so bad. Yes, the photographer said that me with my partner were the funniest couple and he had to take a photo of us, however I still think, it can be worse. I´m not the best, but not the worst one neither and those who judge should look at themselves first. It just needs a time and practise I´m sure I´ll dance a way better.
And there is another funny think. I´ve just realised well, it was yesterday, or a day before that I´m wearing one coat all winter. I don´t know why. I have 2 beautifuly warmy winter jackets and 2 two coats but I´m still wearing this particular one. My friends are having fun of it, that I look like a Snata Claus or a Redhood or even, don´t know If you saw a movie Shindler´s list, but one my friend said that I looked like the girl in the red coat. I found it interesting to mention it, because it´s a International Holocaust Remembrance Day today. 
Another reason why to be happy with what you have. Of course, we should aim hight, but never be hungry for more. Work for more! Let´s be grateful for everithing because society is in a such bad condition that this ´everithing´ can be taken from us very, very easily.

"The man is rich only when he does not want more."

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