nedeľa 10. marca 2013

February, thanks for courage!

God must be loving me!
Yes, I feel loved. I feel loved by the new fresh spring air, by my family, by my guinea pig, by the "old good times", by my friends, by slovak and english language, by my hair, by all the world! I know it´s March already, but it was Febuary that gave me courage to make the brave decisions. 
So, where to start? It happend so much in Febuary. Well, let me open my notebook...  this is another great reason to have one exept for feeling like a lady...
I passed my own psychological test. In the beginng of the month, in school we had an opportunity to do psychological test to find out, what are we good in and what to decide to do in the future. It took about two hours maybe even less and it was just testing our verbal, logical and memory ability. Try to guess how it ended for me. Exactly how I sussposed! The "man" I have no idea how to call him told me precisely what I thought about myself. That I am pedant, stickler, artist,  inteligent oh stop it you... and very uncommon person... that I should continue in art and history studying and very possibly work film as an art - supervisor. Fine, those were my expectations, I told myself sitting on jumpy chair in front of him. But then he told me to become a teacher or a journalist and I started to feel precariously. The tests were supposed to help make people sure about what to do in their future but acutally, it made me ask myself  that dangerous question: "What if..."
But I have an answer for one "What if..." What if I didn´t go to ´revival´? I definitely wouldn´t meet so nice people and so unpleasant as well and spend great 2 days with them. From now on I´m looking forward to my confirmation.
Aaaand now, the most expected news at least for me it was our school english drama group which I joined this year and we started preparation of performing Pygmalion by Bernard Saw in February. I was really not afraid to say scared of how am I going to handle this and work with so many unknown people and play with them but we did it absolutely fabulous, we won the competition and we are getting ready to "higher level". Actually I don´t really care if we win or not, we had so much fun and it was a wonderful experience for me. This definitely deservs its very own article
Nah, it was really a long month not only because of these events but also because of the spring holydays we have in Slovakia. Long wished free week ´recharged my batteries´ like we prefer to say in Slovakia. Well, February, thanks for courage, support, rest, confidence and the question:

"What´s to become of me?"

Liza Doolittle (My Fair Lady)

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  1. Oh, darling i`m so happy that you won the competition. I`m looking forward to see it! ;)

  2. Thank you for your support, dear :D It gives enormous courage.