pondelok 24. októbra 2011

the word of beginning...

wohoo! :D I have my own blog!! Sooo..sooo.....sooo :D No matter, that I tried to make it as much serios as I could, it is still full of freedom for my ideas, that is good for me :D For the first, there is warning for my english, i´m not the best one, but this isn´t barrier for me :D It´s just the fun, and if is someone (accidentally) reading this, just smile, because it´s all about fun! :D Have fun in your life, i will have, thanks to this blog :P
It will be about thing i love: ART
  • painting
  • fashion
  • music
  • movies
  • dance
  • culture
  • and some other trivia from my life
I´m really looking forward to fill this place by my ideas.
As a student, my freetime isn´t regular, so I will bring something interesting, when i will have time :D

Fingers are crossed by myself for myself :D :P

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